Six Weeks Training Report of Dlw – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf) In the Varanasi Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) place around hectares. .. I choose Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) for summer vocational training. SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON MAINTENCE SERVICE SHOP bank 8 Chapter History of DLW 1 The Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) in Varanasi, India . 29 May LFSlocomotive frame shop. The following slides deals with what I have learnt during My training in these workshop. DLW VARANASI 9.

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The whole system is called roller drive system. Charcoal forms CO2 gas which reacts with excess carbon in charcoal to form CO. Heat material into the asutenite region i.

Diffusion Hardening aka Case Hardening: More controlled versus flame hardening and induction hardening. Dlw varanasi summer training report the engine block in machined to very close tolerances. Process Anneal — not heated as high as full anneal. Z-narrow gauge 2 trianing 6 in 4. From repport rotation sucking of fresh air from environment is occurring.

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Both are determined by material thickness. U-Electric multiple units used as commuters in city suburbs 6. Carbon content to low to through harden with previous processes. Limit to how much steel can summre cold worked before it becomes too brittle. The welding process is easier than other methods because the weldor can clearly see the welding zone. Then it will strike onto the turbine blade. Object to big to heat in furnace!


Dlw varanasi summer training report The objectives of the practical training are to learn something about industries practically and to be familiar with the working style of a technical person to adjust simply according to the industrial environment. If already cold worked – allows recrystallization. The voltage range from 20 to 30 volts, ac or dc. Dlw varanasi summer training report wire is more expensive.

There is a minimal amount of smoke, fumes, and sparks created by the TIG process.

The finished weld requires little, if any, grinding or preparation summsr it can be painted. In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation. Because of the increased time needed to complete welds on thick metal, the TIG process is used dlw varanasi summer training report often on thinner metals.

These are as follows- 1. This unit produces diesel electronic locomotives and DG sets for Indian railways and other customers in India and Abroad. Depending on how fast steel must be quenched from IT diagramthe heat dlw varanasi summer training report will determine type of quenching required: Traiing electric arc between the workpiece and electrode generate heat.

Turbocharger is known as the heart of diesel locomotive. Horizontal milling and boring machine. High Horse Power HHP under frame is fabricated using heavy fixturespositioners to ensure down hand welding. WordPress Embed Customize Embed.

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Annealing Annealing — primary purpose is to soften the steel and prepare it for additional processing such as cold forming or machining. M-mixed; both goods and passenger 4.


Cored electrodes produce more stable arc improve weld contour and produce better mechanical properties. It is of two types: Requisite camber to the under frame is provided during fabrication itself. These machines can be used for straight-line or circle cutting.

The TIG process can sunmer adapted for welding in the horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions as well as rraining flat position. Want dlw varanasi summer training report be close to transformation temperature to get fine grain structure. Go to Application Have a question?

One softens and the other hardens!

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That air is now entered in intermediate casing and blow from blower casing. Both involve heating steel to austenite region. What does it do? Basically in this section manufacturing of assembly and subassembly of turbocharger is being made. Equipment dlw varanasi summer training report more expensive and complex than for SMAW. Because of lack of adequate toughness and ductility after heat xummer, high carbon martensite is not a useful material despite its great strength too brittle.

Rapid quench to trap the carbon in the crystal varanwsi — called martensite. Requires the highest skill.