Have an excellent copy of a Rescue owners manual Free just the Universal Music Pinball Machine (WHITE) AMP SPEAKER LED mod. Hi guys, in the process of restoring a Rescue Pinball by Gottlieb. I have a manual on order from Marco but was wondering in the mean time. The Rescue coin-operated Pinball by Premier / Gottlieb (circa ), and it’s history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, for sale and wanted lists.

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Design team Game Design: The inlane lights the Rescue target. Hitting the Captive Balls saves rescue 911 pinball manual lives. It can be hit with either flipper, but due to the way the lane is constructed, it’s pinbapl to backhand it with the left flipper. Manaul Rescue 911 pinball manual Well, I always wanted to maintain a rule sheet for a new game. Gottlieb Rescue pdf manual? After that, only the Emergency Room awards jackpots; the Helipad increases the jackpot value.

At manusl end of the lane is a kicker that sends the ball rescue 911 pinball manual out the lane, and a post that raises the ball up so it can be picked up by the helicopter. It’s the same as Life Force, except that an additional shot to the emergency room is required, and the bonus for hitting all shots is 1B!


Two of each, in the normal places.

Pinball Archive Rule Sheet: Rescue

The lights work as usual: The multiplier goes from 1x to 2x, 3x, and finally 5x. Left helicopter dropoff point If the ball is not dropped off the helicopter by the player, it will automatically be released here when the helicopter completes its flight.

Saving Lives OK, Rescue 911 pinball manual been talking about saving lives all this time If the left flipper becomes weak, complain, since if you can’t hit the Ramp you lose many chances for points and lives. There are actually some instructions on how to play the modes, but the trouble is that 9111 are only available during attract mode!

Rescue 911 pinball manual this is a bigger and better version than 1. There is a full-size flipper way up near the top right corner of the board, at the exit from the ramp. Shoot them to save lives. Rescue 911 pinball manual the ramp with the left flipper, then pass the other ball to the left flipper, and catch the ball coming off the ramp on the top-right flipper.

Shooting the flashing shots saves lives. They are usually 2-ball, but if you have locked one ball on the main Habitrail beforehand, they will be 3-ball.

Gottlieb Rescue 911 Instruction Manual

If you shoot the Helipad, and the Helicopter light is lit, the helicopter will swoop down and pick up the ball. See the description above pinbal the 3 dropoff points for more info.


The first jackpot can be collected either at the Helipad or the Emergency Room. When hit, it adds 3M to the currently lit bonus blue or red. The lit bonus alternates every few seconds.

Rescue 911 pinball manual ball will be kicked out of the Lock Sinkhole.

It’s similar to Rescue 911 pinball manual. Bill Parker Jon Norris. That really knocked my socks off–I’d never seen a lane pass before. Jaws of Life and Cave-In are automatically multiball modes the first time through the modes. When I’m manuaal something that I have unconfirmed or conflicting info about, I’ll usually say who gave me that info. Not for use on Shomer Shabos.

RESCUE Gottlieb Manual Pinball | #

Before you launch that ball, select one of the other modes. Is there a limit? They rescue 911 pinball manual pinnball in the Cave-in mode. If you get “Flipper shot” from the plunger, one of the following manjal will be lit for a one-time shot: Posted over 4 years ago — in All clubs When a mode is started during Multiball, or when a mode starts Multiball, and if the Helicopter is lit, the ball will always be dropped in the Left Dropoff point.